E-Z-ON Seat Mount (CamWrap™)

E-Z-ON Seat Mount (CamWrap™) for School Buses


E-Z-ON Seat Mount is portable and needs no seat belts to meet FMVSS213

seatMountGirlEasy to install. Just wrap mount securely around bus seat, adjust hooks snugly to the vest and away you go!

E-Z-ON hooks prevent busy fingers from unlatching. Seat Mount secures easily to either vest D-rings on adjustable vest or metal slots.

No fussing with complicated installation! Secures passengers 20-168 lbs. age 2-Adult.

seatMountDiagramThe E-Z-ON portable seat mount easily secures 3 passengers to a standard bus seat!

  • NHTSA recommends that passengers behind occupants in Seat Mount be restrained with a seat belt or other restraint or the seat be unoccupied.
  • Push button closure faces the seat back to prevent busy-fingers unlatching!
  • FMVSS213 approved