E-Z-ON Adjustable 203 Vest

The Push Button Adjustable Vest with adjustable shoulders



Mini-Push Buttons adjust with fast connect and easy release.

Bar slides keep busy fingers from adjusting the shoulder straps. Shoulder straps back-thread and lock.

Adjustable shoulder straps can lengthen and shorten the vest for a secure fit. The hip strap must remain low around the lap.

203HooksHooks attach to metal slots on the adjustable 203 vest at the shoulder.


203IllustrationCrotchStrap1203IllustrationCrotchStrap2 203IllustrationCrotchStrap3

Crotch straps must be threaded correctly to lock.

Model #203

  • XS-S Vests have sewn crotch straps that meet NHTSA guidelines
  • Must use with E-Z-ON’s seat mount, tether mount, floor mount, or wheel chair mount
  • Fits ages 2 through adult 20-65 lbs.
  • Accessories are available
  • Replace after crash
  • U.S. Pat. #4,226,474